It looks like a real sensation – the official web-site of Aliaksandar Kazulin , former presidential candidate (now political prisoner) publishes a transcript of a conversation between Uladzimer Navumau, Minister of the Interior, and Ihar Makar, the former personal security advisor for Aliaksandr Kazulin.

Uladzimer Navumau

Ihar Makar used to work in the Belarusian security force unit “Almaz”. Then he quit and began to work for Aliaksandar Kazulin, who was planning to run for presidency in 2006, as the personal security advisor.

According to the article published on the web-site of Aliaksandar Kazulin, in March 2006, in the wake of the presidential elections, Uladzimer Navumau had a long conversation with Ihar Makar. Allegedly, the goal of the Minister was to persuade Makar to become the informant of the Ministry of Interior and to report about the actions and plans of Kazulin. However, Ihar Makar confidentially informed Aliaksandar Kazulin about the pressure from the Ministry and even managed to secretly tape the conversation with the Minister. Then he fled to Germany.

The web-site of Aliaksandr Kazulin publishes no audio files of the recording. All you can find is a rather short extract – a piece of text, the conversation between the Minister and Ihar Makar. One can’t say it is too informative. What strikes the most is the language the Minister uses – it is full of obscenities and rude words, which are taboo among the educated public in Belarus.

Ihar Makar Photo:

Some hints, hidden in the words of the transcribed conversation, allow different interpretations. Uladzimer Navumau’s name is often mentioned in connection with the disappearances of opposition politicians and a journalist in Belarus. The transcribed dialogue does mention the issue of the disappearances, but the reference is indirect and very subtle. One can’t understand clearly what the Minister really means and whether he admits his participation in the kidnappings.

There is, of course, a rather strong probability, that that the whole affair is a fraud or a provocation. The transcript is being actively discussed by the Belarusian bloggers. Some of them, like Aliaksandar Fiaduta, point out, that the text appeared exactly when the Ministry of Interior and KGB seem to be involved into an acute conflict, since they both are striving for more power and influence in the country.

However, Aliaksandar Fiaduta points out, that if the transcripts are not faked, then they show the cynicism of the policemen, who keep arresting opposition activists for “cursing”, while their Minister really doesn’t seem to be able to get hold of his own tongue.

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