Nasha Niva has already reflected on the unexpected release of the main political prisoners.

The move by the Belarusian regime is nothing more that a show for Europe. The regime of Lukashenka is trying to create a sensation that it becomes less oppressive than before, though, in fact, no significant positive changes take place. Here’s the proof: on May, 4 one of the young opposition activists, Artur Finkevich, member of the non-registered „Young Front“ movement, was denied parole for allegedly being a „persistent breaker of the internal rules and regulations“ at his labor camp.

Artur Finkevich was sentenced to 2 years of labor camps for creating a graffiti reading "We want a new one", which was considered political in the light of the coming presidential elections. He serves his term in Mahiliou (Mogilev) region. Artur already has three warnings for allegedly breaking the discipline – if he gets another one, he may be put into prison.

Artur’s term in the labor camp ends in December 2007.

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