In the beginning of June, when the Belarusian-language version of the president’s official website appeared, the talks began. Perhaps, some said, the authorities have decided to become more active in the field of national idea! Someone speculated that if the official leader addresses the nation in Belarusian language during the celebration on July, 3, then this should be considered as quite a message.

In fact, some Moscow political analysts have long since predicted that sooner or later Lukashenka will master the nationalist rhetoric, create the ideological anti-Russian alliance with the “radical opposition”. As a result Belarus would allegedly finally escape from the Moscow’s sphere of influence.

However, during the celebration Lukashenka, as usual, spoke the language of the country which waged a gas and oil war on Belarus a year ago.

Let’s not get too deep into the analysis of the president’s speech – I would only say that the speechwriters could have successfully delivered the same speech to some communist leader during the Cold War times.

To cut the long story short, the Moscow imperialistic political analysts as well as our fellow political romanticists of the civic unity can take a break.

In the wake of the official Independence Day celebration the united democrats have spoken (without too much enthusiasm) about the need to commemorate July, 3 together with the authorities. High-ranking official politicians have spoken about the consolidation as well. However, these were nothing but usual rituals without any practical meaning. The format of the celebration – from the festive gathering to consuming meat pies with beer – is not suitable for political pluralism.

As ironic as it sounds, the chance for the consolidation will appear only when the politicians stop telling tales of the “united nation”.

“The united nation” is a myth with a totalitarian flavor. The highly-developed society should combine different ideologies, different parties, and different non-governmental organizations in order to reflect the interests of different social groups. A wise government will not fear diversity.

Speaking about the forecasts of Moscow political analysts (Lukashenka fraternizing with the nationalists) – this is another imperialistic phobia. Even though the regime and the opposition may have a similar opinion on the issue of the Belarusian independence, they are still separated by the mental, world-view abyss.

more Independence Day photos by Andrey Liankevich can be found here:

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